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One of the feelings our clients love is getting into the interior of their freshly detailed vehicle.  There is something about the ‘new car’ smell, or the  plush leather that makes it feel as though their car looks and feels just like the day they drove it off the car lot.  At Raptor Detailing, we specialize in the art of interior detailing and restoration.  The best part is that we come to you.  You don’t have to worry about co-coordinating a friend to pick you up and drop you off, or change your schedule to pickup your vehicle before closing.  You can enjoy climbing into the interior of your freshly detailed vehicle after a long day at the office.

Depending on the level of detailing or restoration you have selected, our process looks like this:

Interior Vacuum & Debris Removal:

Before we can start the “detailing” part of your interior, we first ensure that very thorough vacuum of the vehicle is completed to remove crumbs, dust, spills etc.  We pay attention to the details, making sure we use special attachments to get into those “hard to reach” areas of the vehicle such as crevices and seams in your leather, plastic etc.

Interior Steam Extraction:

Next we use a high temperature steam extraction process that gets out all of the dirt, odors and other unseen debris that consumer level extraction machines simply can’t match.  This gives your interior that freshly clean smell, rid of old odors and spills.  We pay special attention to the areas of your vehicle that see concentrated  use such as seats and foot mats.

Leather / Vinyl Restoration:

Leather cleaning and restoration requires special care and attention because it is essential a “skin”.  Without regular care and attention, leather becomes dull, flat, dry and cracked.  This can make an otherwise immaculate interior look old and tired.  We utilize special processes to ensure your leather looks brand new.  We first start by using specialty “cleaners” to rid the leather of any dirt, grease or dust.  Once the leather is sufficiently clean, it will look great but it still needs to be restored.  We use specialty leather “conditioners” that restore that supple sheen to your leather.  The result is a complete transformation of your leather from a tired and flat dull appearance, to a rich full leather that carries the nice sheen as if it just rolled off the factory floor.

Interior Vinyl / Plastic Restoration:

We now take special care and attention into restoring and cleaning all the nooks and crannies of your interior plastics or vinyl.  We use specialty cleaners and protectents to remove any dust or dirt, while also giving your interior a barrier from harmful and damaging UV Sun Rays.  This is often the part of the process our customers notice most.  All those dust bunnies are done, the plastics have that factory sheen, and it looks and smells brand new.

Glass Cleaning:

This is the most important part of the process, and there is a reason we leave it until last.  After the rest of the interior is perfectly clean, we clean both the interior and exterior glass surfaces to leave them looking crystal clear, smudge and streak free.  We’ve all had that annoying feeling where the sun hits your glass at an extreme angle and you can clearly see smudges and streaks.  With Raptor Detailing you can enjoy perfectly clear glass!






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