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Exterior Detailing

A well kept exterior paint and trim can add years to the life of your vehicle and not to mention increased re-sale value. At Raptor Mobile detailing, we keep up with the latest techniques and products to ensure a lasting finish and deep shine. Every single paint surface is unique, which is why we have a long list of polishes, waxes and compounds to meet the needs of your particular paint. For example, Honda’s typically have a softer clear coat, which allows us to use a lighter cutting compound. If you have a dark colored car we would typically follow up with a carnauba or other natural wax, as they provide a deep shine or “wetter” appearance. For lighter cars, such as whites, slivers, etc, we use synthetic wax glazes which offer incredible protection, while still giving a wonderful sheen that can’t be achieved with a carnauba wax on a lighter colored paint surface.

How we remove scratches from your paint

Depending on the severity of the paint correction required, we may opt to use a rotary polishing or a random orbit polishing. What’s the difference, and why should it matter to you? To remove scratches from your paint, we must essentially remove a small layer of your clear coat. Scratches in your paint are caused by small valleys in your clear coat which reflect light. By removing a thin layer we reduce these valleys and round off their edges. This removes the ability for light to reflect off these valleys, which in turn is what removes the scratches. At the same time, we are extremely careful not to remove to much clear coat, as this is what is known as “burning through the paint”. This leaves your paint finish unprotected and is extremely noticeable. This can happen with detailers who are not experienced with rotary polishers.

Rotary Polisher vs Random Orbit Polisher

To further expand on our techniques described above, we may use a rotary polisher or random orbit polisher depending on the level or paint correction required. A rotary polisher and medium cutting compound allow us to remove far more clear coat then a random orbit polisher. This also then requires us to do a further pass with a finer polishing compound to achieve a deep gloss. In cases where minor paint correction is required, we may opt to use a finer cutting compound with a random orbit polisher, thus leaving as much clear coat as possible and giving you lasting protection for your paint.

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